Study in Australia Cost and Living Expense

By | March 27, 2021

Study in Australia has become a viable option for a plethora of students seeking a competitive environment backed with extraordinary results. Students from around the world look to study in Australia and enhance their learning, get mentored and shape up for the practical future.

But do you know what expenses and study in Australia cost an average person?

Tuition Fee

Since every other day, a new institution is opening up in Australia; there are multiple universities to choose from. Each one has a different fee criterion, which determines the actual tuition cost a student would have to pay. Moreover, other factors, like the program and degree level, also are integral determiners.

However, settling for an average cost will be around 20,000 to 45000 AUD/year for a Bachelor’s degree and 22,000 to 50,000 AUD/year for a more challenging Master or PhD degree.

Study in Australia Cost for the best universities

The big names in Australia, due to their higher standards and strict criteria, charge more for the programs. For instance, Australian National University charges around 28,000 to 48,500 AUD/year on average, while the University of Queensland settles between 2500 and 46,000 AUD/year.

Study in Australia cost along with Living Expense

Studying anywhere comes with a cost of living and carrying on with different activities of life. Any international student looking to learn in Australia would have to manage around 1400 – 2500 AUD/per to look after food, accommodation, and occasional social activities.

The more popular cities require a bigger pocket, such that living in Sydney would easily mean having to spend 1900/AUD month. Melbourne has the same inclination, requiring a budget of at least 1500 AUD/month.

Study in Australia with Accommodation

Although many universities offer students dormitories to live in, international students tend to live with their families or in a rented place.

Some of the accommodation expenses are as listed:

  • Homestay. 450-1200 AUD per month
  • Rented apartment. 750-1750 AUD per month
  • Sharing a rented apartment. 350-840 AUD per month

Additionally, internet and utilities can take around 300 AUD per month too.


Knowing to cook is always recommended for students, as they can quickly then grab groceries from the supermarkets, some of which are relatively inexpensive such as Aldi and Coles.

Whereas restaurants offering different regional cuisines charge around 80 AUD for three-course meals, and inexpensive ones can charge around 18 AUD.


While some universities have dedicated transportation solutions, you can rent a bike every day for 40 AUD/day. Also, you can benefit from programmes such as QLD VIC while always having the option to acquire a public transport card for 30-70 AUD.

Study in Australia with Scholarship

If you are to study in Australia with scholarship, congratulations; you won’t have to spend too much. Australian Government, private organisations and institutes themselves have several scholarship programs for international students.

Some of the examples are Australia Awards and the Destination Australia Program.

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