“Study in Australia without ILETS and TOEFL”

By | March 27, 2021

Exams, tests, interviews and all stuff like that constantly strained human nerves with stress and tension. Suppose you are planning to study in Australia without ILETS and TOEFEL than in the right place. Here you can find the solution for all your queries.

We all know that language is a medium of communication. And moving to such a land where you cannot understand the native language is a big hurdle for daily life stint. For the procession of educational career, language plays a soul role. Hence, nowadays, English has attained global recognition. English language competitive exams like ILETS and TOEFEL is a target to precede international degrees.

In most universities in Australia, ILETS is a standard test to check the English skills of dignitary students. When you go through the documents required for admission, than ILETS is one of them.

 But if you believe that these tests are conventional ones and there is no need for clearing these tests. Furthermore, if you are assertive enough about your English skills, you may think of other options. And on the other hand, when a student observes that he/she cannot pass these exams. You may intrigue about these universities mentioned below. 

Mercifully, there are many universities in Australia, which have opened their gates for international students to pursue their studies without ILETS and TOEFEL. Assistive information related to Australian universities offering admission without ILETS listed below:

1.   The University of New South Wales:

World raking of any university matters a lot when it comes to select a quality educational institute. And University Of New South Wales is one of the top universities in Australia. It holds the 3rd rank among Australian Universities and 45th rank in the world raking.

There are only two ways to get admission to the prestigious University without ILETS, which are:

  • The University will allow you to score admission on conditional criteria. The dependent measures encircle around a pre-seasonal English course. This course will not polish your English skills and make you confident enough to pass any test related to English proficiency.
  • Students having Cambridge English or PTE can also submit that certificate.

2.   The University Of Queensland:

Joining this iconic University is a dream of abundant students because it holds that high-end quality education. And the good thing about this 48th ranked University in the world is that it allows getting admission without IELTS. But it requires the student to be competent enough with a strong academic background. It’s a die-hard requisite that student in secondary and higher secondary school must hold at least 65% marks. And one more attention-seeking thing is that you should contain more than 81% marks in English subject.

3.   The University of Adelaide:

The University of Adelaide holds the 114th rank in the world’s top universities. Its admission requirements are almost exactly as for UNSW, except you have to prove that medium of language in your latest attended degree in English.    

4.    Victoria University:

Following tests other than ILETS, which are much easier than this big hunk, got accepted at Victoria University: Pearson test of English, Cambridge English advance (CEA), and Cambridge English-first certificate in English (FCE).


Now I am sure that most of you hope to get admission to Australian Universities without facing this hailstorm. But one thing to remember is that you have to gain acceptance from desired University for further visa processing.

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