Study in Australia: Guide for International Students

By | March 27, 2021

Australia is a beautiful country with several rainforests, beaches, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture. The country is open to all cultures and races hence it’s a very country to live in.

When opting the country for studies, Australia has some amazing universities that offer various programs from Business Studies, Engineering, Sciences, architecture, agriculture, biomedical, and whatnot.

Some universities have stronger programs for a specific subject that can be researched and affirmed from the ratings. Australia For International Students is becoming and trending into popular choice for various reasons.


Studying In Australia Cost wouldn’t rip you off your life savings, it’s not free like Germany. But with plans and options it’s pretty much doable, probably why Australia is growing to become the hub for students.

For a master’s program for international students the annual fee straddles between AU$20,000-$37,000, that makes roughly somewhat US$14,000-$26,000 for the year 2021.

For Doctoral Degree it falls between AU$14,000-$37,000 and in US currency $10,060-$26,000 with some minor differences.

Language proficiency

When applying for the visa, besides all documents that vary from each university, English proficiency test is a must. Check the government website to find which countries are excludes. An IELTS minimum score of 5.5, 60-90 overall score for TOEFL, and 169-176 score of CAE is required. 


Food is definitely a very important element for any student since getting easy to eat food that too is familiar taste or comfort food. Since Australia is open to all cultures and races, it’s very effortless to find food from kosher to Halal to Thai.

 Moreover, each town has places that offer many on budget food options for students.


Most major cities like Sidney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide has an intact subway and tram system. Most cities has a public bus systems which are extremely on budget, falling between 2-4AUD.

When planning to commute from one city to another that too is pretty affordable however prices vary for each service. 


There are several options for housing to choose from when Moving To Australia for studies. Most students first rely on on-campus accommodation. With this option after landing you need not worry much about where to live and can live on-campus until you decide otherwise.

Another great offer is home-stay with Australian families. Most students like this plan since you get the first-hand experience of Australian life, and you also get a furnished place to live in.

Most third-year and second-year students live in off-campus housing, sharing the rents among two to three students.

However, it is vital to sort out housing for at least the first three months before reaching Australia, and then work around for whichever option suits you best.

Work while study

According to the laws designed and implemented by the government, a student is allowed to work twenty hours per week. If any student is found working outside these hour limits, they may be in danger to get their visas canceled.

Similarly, the spouse accompanying the student on the visa is allowed same hours, i.e., twenty hours. However the spouse of the student, who is on visa for a graduate degree, can work more than twenty hours a week.  

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