Welcome and have the convenience of secure payments, faster payments, and pay for dining, shopping, and gas refills with Amex. American Express is offering amazing cashback and rewards to its dear customers. Customers can now use credit cards, traveler’s cheques, and charge cards for better banking and insurance facilities.  There are many other credit cards that you can use and get rewards and free points. Here are some FAQs as well that you may need to check as well.

American Express is a world-known financial and banking brand that is also known as Amex, and the aim of this company is to provide better banking and insurance facilities to its users. It is one of the best multi-national finance and insurance services providers in this world. American Express was founded in 1850 and the CEO was William Fargo, Henry Wells, and John Warren Butterfield. The company was founded in New York, U.S. The company is delivering financial services to its customers for the last 169 years. Here are some American Express FAQs.

So now it’s time to enjoy the amazing deals and discounts with Amex. Now you can get your card from Amex and confirm it with the help of our guide. Here are some rewards that you can earn. You can earn through a referral program, booking air travel, paying for gas at gas stations, and paying for dinner in restaurants.

American Express Rewards and Credit Cards

Amex faq
Amex faq

If you are an Amex cardholder then there are so many benefits and Amex Rewards that are waiting for you. You can use your Amex card to make purchases and get free rewards in return. No matter where you are, you can use these rewards all over the world. The methods are easy and you just need to swipe your card in order to get rewards. Now let’s have a look at the cards that are offering rewards and cashback from AMEX.

Personal Premium Cards: If you want to improve your lifestyle then Amex personal premium cards are for you. These cards are offered to enhance the personal lifestyle. You can use this card to book travels, dining, and lounges. You don’t need to go anywhere and you can book everything right from your card. And it is all possible that you can use American Express premium and charge card to book these things. You can also get special offers, cashback, and rewards quickly. These premium cards give you access to Platinum Concierge services. You can get VIP deals and discounts with the help of these cards. Amex has partnerships with 130 countries so you can get all these luxuries in these countries. Especially in airports and lounges, you will get exclusive deals and services. So now you know how impressive and convenient is to have a premium card from AMEX.

Don’t waste your time and pick your card to get these amazing deals and discounts. Grab your smartphone and login into your account and get these amazing benefits.

Premium Cards:

American Express Platinum Card: Do you want a welcome bonus of 1,00,000 membership rewards points? Then you can choose this card. Get these discounts worth INR 7000 from Taj, and INR 45000 from Vivanta Hotels. These are the best rewards that you can get with your Amex platinum card.

Annual Fee: Rs. 60,000 plus taxes

Annual First Year Fee: Rs. 5000 plus taxes

Rewards Credit Card:

American Express Membership Rewards Card: This card is another amazing reward card from Amex. You will get 4,000 bonus rewards points for free.

Annual Fee: Rs. 1000 plus taxes

American Express Gold Card: Now you can get 4,000 membership reward points when you apply for this card for the first time.

First Year Fee: Rs. 1000 plus taxes.

American Express SmartEarn Card: You will get Rs.500 cashback when you spend Rs. 10000 within the first three months of the card issue date.

Annual Fee: Rs 495 plus taxes

Travel Reward Credit Cards: These cards are for those who love to fly from one place to another. You can book travel tickets, hotels, and lounges with these cards and you will get amazing benefits. If you are a frequent traveler but you can not afford the tickets then you should try these cards. You will get amazing offers on domestic and international flights. Not ends here, you will also get priority boarding, lounge access, and free bag checking services. Also, there are spa vouchers and shopping coupons that you can redeem for your favorite hotels and restaurants.

Travel Rewards Cards

American Express Platinum Travel Card: You can get a welcome gift worth of 5000 milestone bonus when you spend Rs. 4000 to your next tour or travel. These membership reward points are for you so hurry and grab them.

American Express Platinum Corporate Credit Card: If you are a businessman then this card can fly your business to the moon. Let’s have a look at the benefits and rewards of this credit card.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Platinum Rewards
  • Platinum customer care
  • Platinum Travel services
  • Platinum Privileges

American Express Corporate Credit Cards: These credit cards are specially issued for business persons. You will get rewards and benefits for your company and business with the help of this card. Moreover, if you are a person who always travels for the purpose of business then you are going to get amazing benefits with these cards. Book your business travels and enjoy extra benefits. Not ends here, you can also get other rewards as well like entertainment, dining, telecom, and electricity expenses payments. So overall, this is a great card for your business.

The Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card: Now you can control your business travels and save money when you book air travel tickets with these cards.


  • Get cool profits from lounges and air travels
  • Cashback with air travel
  • Rewards when paying for services and sports
  • Cashback when paying for daily expenses

American Express Corporate Meeting Card: Now never take the stress of your business meetings as Amex has covered you. Now you can control your meeting expenses with the help of an Amex card.

  • Sales and tours of business and incentive trips
  • Gathering, parties, Seminars, and Reunions
  • Meetings and conferences expenses management


Do I get Cashback Rewards on all transactions?

Yes, you will get 1 point for every Rs.40 you spend with your platinum card. This offer also applies to American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card, Platinum Travelcard, and Platinum Corporate Credit Card. So the remaining cards will get you these benefits but you have to spend Rs. 50 on every purchase except telecom and insurance.

How to get a rewards certificate and how does long it take?

This takes only 7 business days when you submit your request for the rewards certificate.

How to check rewards points?

There are two ways to check the reward points. One is to check the monthly card statement and the other method is to visit www.americanexpress.co.in/membership and then track your reward points.

When will the rewards membership point expire?

The rewards points usually get expired in 12 months. But if you are a regular traveler, then your points will never get expired.