Have you ever gotten in a situation where you decide to treat your fellas as if you got a promotion in the office? Now all of your colleagues are asking you to give them the treat to enjoy your success. So you decided to go for a dinner party in a restaurant. Once the party started, you and your friends started to order food, drinks, and snacks in bulk quantities. You were also busy at that moment and enjoying the party so you don’t even think about the bill. Now the party is finished and many of your friends and colleagues starting to left the party one by one. Soon you will find yourself lonely at the table and suddenly a waiter came and asked you to pay the bill…the amount on the bill was hilarious. Now you regret the party and left the restaurant in bad mood. But you have to pay the bill at the end of the day. American Express rewards you when you took your Amex card from your wallet and gave it to the waiter so he can swipe it to deduct the bill. In the meantime, you were thinking about the party moments that you are enjoying a few hours ago.

Now you are afraid and thinking about whether you have enough amount on your card to pay the bill or you have to borrow some money from your friends to settle the bill. So all this scenario was very shameful and you were worried too. Right at that moment, a waiter came to you and said, congratulation, you have earned so many Amex reward points and cashback as well. He said, you are a loyal member of Amex and you have been using Amex cards for a long time. So that’s why now we have deducted the only %60 of the bill and the remaining bill was cleared with cashback rewards. How happy you would be? I am sure you will jump with joy.

American Express Rewards
American Express Rewards

So this is the benefit that you get when you pay with Amex cards. So what do you think about it? Isn’t it great? Well, of course, it is a very good thing.
American Express has a goal to serve its customers with Amex membership rewards. And getting these reward points is so simple and easy as you only have to use your Amex card for regular shopping. The more you spend, the more you get the rewards. If you are a membership holder, then you are eligible to get rewards and luxurious benefits as well. You can redeem your rewards for cash and you can also book air travel.

Let’s say, you have spent the amount on stores like Hilton Honors, and the amount of reward will increase drastically. However, if you spend less like on a gas station, then the reward ratio would be less, so this is how a membership reward system works.

Which cards are offering membership?

Amex Rewards
Amex Rewards

Not all American Express cards are offering Amex rewards. There are some only cards that are offering a good cashback system. So here we have listed all the cards that are offering rewards points.

American Express Gold Card: Amex Gold Card is good for spending money on airline tickets, malls, restaurants, and gas stations. You can get a good amount of points when spending money on these things.

American Express Platinum Card: If you are a frequent traveler, then this card is made for you. You should use this card for booking airline tickets or booking hotels. Not only that, but you will also get some other benefits with this card. So if you are a traveler, then this Platinum card is a safe haven for you.
5X Rewards on Purchasing Airline Tickets & Booking Restaurant: Now you can get 5X reward points when you purchase an airline ticket and book a hotel with an Amex platinum card.

Airfare Reward up to $200: Spend money on airfare and get $200 in cash back. This $200 credit bonus will renew every year and you can get benefit from it. However, the credit applies only to the ticket that is purchased directly from booking tickets.

Uber Rewards up to $200: Similar to airfare, you can also enjoy a credit reward worth $200 when you are paying for Uber and other cabs with your card.
Enjoy Free WiFi at Airports and during flights: All the platinum cardholders can enjoy free WiFi during the flight and at the airports as well. It is very beneficial to enjoy the internet when you are flying.

Get Access to American Express Resorts, Centurion Lounge, and Hotels: If you are a platinum user, then you can have complete access to American Express hotels, lounges, and resorts. This is an amazing thing that you can get access to these VIP areas. So keep spending on these things to get better and more luxurious benefits.

How can I redeem Amex reward points?

There are many ways to redeem the Amex points. You can book a hotel, pay for airfare and dine in the restaurants. Or you can ask the Amex support as well.


There is no doubt that American Express Reward Membership is an amazing opportunity for its members. It’s a great thing that you earn money while spending the money. So these are the cards that are offering great membership reward points and you can also get these benefits easily.